Aqueous Isolations

An Online Gallery & Live Art Experience

A Collaborative Series

By TINSTY & Renée Berthelette


Collaboration in Isolation

     The first set of paintings in this series, “Aqueous Ion Dissolution,” was largely completed in January 2020.  As marathon work sessions began on “Innsæi” and “Kinetic Benthos,” evidence of a global pandemic was began to emerge.  It was soon apparent that collaboration would be just one of many challenges ahead.  Only days before New York City’s “Shelter in Place” order, the artists divided the canvases, and devised a plan to complete the works independently. 

     Throughout isolation, the art facilitated dialogue for collaboration.  Communication through text, emails, phone and video provided artistic advice and emotional support, reviving inspiration and productivity.  As summer approached and restrictions were lifted, the canvases were exchanged one final time, allowing each artist the opportunity for a definitive and conclusive response.  

     Aqueous Isolations is a visual timeline of the artists’ lives through the pandemic: from the blissful shroud of ignorance, to the frantic realization of a capsized world, to the intensity of solitude.  The series is a map of human experience, charted in brushstrokes, vacillating between poles of hope and despair, frustration and focus.  It is a glimpse into the microcosm of collaboration in isolation and the globally shared experience of looking within to see further out.


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