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"A Meditation and Proclamation"

Innsæi: Welcome

     Innsæi (pronounced Inn-Sigh-Ee) is an Icelandic word for intuition, the ability to sense from deep within and perceive the world beyond our own physical microcosm.  The eye within the canvas evolved into the eye of a hurricane; rotating the canvas revealed alternate angles of light and shadow, and an energy that seemed wild and untamed. 

     Tangled webs of seaweed and volcanic activity ground the viewer, and allow new perspectives to emerge rather than be determined.  Innsæi’s reflection was never static; she calls to us to seek out the sea within ourselves, to see within ourselves, and to see the world from the inside out. 

Innsæi: Text
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Innsæi: Image

Innsæi, 2020
40" x 40" x 2"
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

Innsæi: Text
Innsæi - Detail 1
Innsæi - Detail 2
Innsæi - Detail 3
Innsæi - Detail 4
Innsæi - Detail 5
Innsæi - Detail 6
Innsæi - Detail 7
Innsæi - Detail 8
Innsæi - Detail 9
Innsæi - Detail 10
Innsæi - Detail 11
Innsæi - Detail 12
Innsæi: Gallery
Innsæi: Text
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