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Isobaric Equilibrium

"Finding Balance and Tranquility"

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     Although this painting was the final piece to be completed, it was a part of the Aqueous Isolations collaboration since the beginning.  The first washes of color and bits of detailing were found while painting Aqueous Ion Dissolution I-IV.  While four of the five canvases felt particularly like a set, the fifth told a different story, through a different lens and identity,  It felt heavier than the rest somehow.  It was clear that this painting had a different path, albeit unknown at the time. 


     Throughout quarantine the lone canvas grew layers of colors and evolved far beyond its initial inception.  Isobaric Equilibrium is the perfect end point of the Aqueous Isolations series: watery and ethereal, yet also showing a heavier density beneath.  Although the work represents an ending, it also shines as a beacon for finding balance and tranquility in the cyclical nature of the moon, the tides, and the seasons.  It is an ending as a beginning, brimming with an inquisitive and insatiable instinct to explore.

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Isobaric Equilibrium, 2020
16" x 20"
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

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Isobaric Equilibrium Detail 1
Isobaric Equilibrium Detail 2
Isobaric Equilibrium Detail 3
Isobaric Equilibrium Detail 4
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