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Aqueous Ion Dissolution IV

Aqueous IV: Welcome

     Work on these four meditative pieces began before any indication of the difficulties on the horizon.  They are an exploration of the sea - of currents and undertow, a meditation of colors and beauty, away from the hectic nature of city life.  The waves of teal and shouts of yellow are an invitation to break from comfortable patterns and yield existing hardness, allowing the path forward to dissolve into softer fluidity.

Aqueous IV: Text
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Aqueous IV: Image

Aqueous Ion Dissolution IV, 2020

16" x 20" 

Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

Aqueous IV: Text

Detail Images 

Aqueous IV - Detail 1
Aqueous IV - Detail 2
Aqueous IV - Detail 3
Aqueous IV - Detail 4
Aqueous IV - Detail 5
Aqueous IV - Detail 6
Aqueous IV: Gallery
Aqueous IV: Text
Aqueous IV: Text
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