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Every Friday in March 7-11pm EST

A virtual gathering of artists and vendors on Gather.

Check out for the weekly link

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We're bringing 

the Studios



Peak into the studios of artists & artisans from around the country.

Omni Open Studios is an online artist organized event that brings the digital audience into the studios of six different artists.


Each artist will introduce their work and artistic process,

followed by a raffle for a free piece of artwork!


Our shared goal is to help our audience connect with new artists and to reconnect a community that has been divided by the pandemic.

Due to the enormous success of our September 26th event, 

We're joining Omni Open Studios for an encore!

The event is hosted by  StudioGwyneth via Zoom.

Saturday December 5, at 2:00pm PST/ 5:00pm EST 

For more details and info about the participating artists,



Our previous Omni Appearance is available to view on youtube!

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Would you like to know about our next event first?

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Performance Broadcast

Watch our virtual painting performance, the culmination of the series:

Aqueous Isolations!  

Original Broadcast: Sunday JULY 12, 2020 7PM

Available to view on:


What began as a physical gallery evolved into a virtual painting and performance.


The series explores the vacillating emotions of life during a pandemic: 

from the blissful shroud of ignorance, to frantic realizations, and intense solitude

to a final celebration of music, creativity and collaboration.


The exchanges of fluorescent color represent

the importance of art as a facilitator of dialogue

and capture the rhythm of the accompanying music by DJ *chef kissyfingers*.


Join us for an exploration of being plunged into chaos,

while utilizing creative outlets as a lifeline for survival.

Aqueous Isolations is a map of human experience, charted in brushstrokes,

vacillating between poles of hope and despair, frustration and focus. 

It is a glimpse into the microcosm of collaboration in isolation

and the globally shared experience of looking within to see further out. 


This one hour performance was performed, filmed, recorded and broadcast at FirstLive Recording Studio in Bushwick, New York

as a part of FirstLive's 30 days of Rock Festival & Fundraiser:  

Featuring live performances from bands and artists every day in July.

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Past Events


Gallery Opening

The official opening of our physical and online Aqueous Isolations galleries were

 on July 7, 2020, at Territory: a virtual club hosted by Jon Blok! 


Jon Blok is a fabulously talented music producer, recording artist, and tech enthusiast who collaborated with us to hang our artwork in his virtual reality club: Territory.

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Podcast Appearance

Feel like you need a dose of Bushwick to start your day?

We’ve got good news:

The neighborhood has its very own morning talk show,

"Good Morning Bushwick."  

Bud and Roach, co-hosts and Bushwick natives,

tape the show out of FirstLive, the coffee shop & recording studio

where our paintings were on display! 

The full episode is available on Vimeo,

with our interview starting at the 50 minute mark.

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